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Ladha Ram Kapur

South Delhi, Delhi

January 20, 2022 to February 28, 2022

Ladha Ram Kapur took up editorship of ‘Swarajya’. He hailed from Varaichanalain in the district of Gujarat, now in Pakistan. He was prosecuted for three articles published in ‘Swarajya’.  In the first article `wafadaari` (loyalty), Ladha Ram had criticised an Englishman who had raped an Indian woman and even feared that the English offender will not be convicted by the British courts. In the second article `Political Ode`, the Indian youth was pressed to cast out the `national calamity` (British rule). And in the third article, `Spring and Us`, the author compared India to a beautiful garden in which the cruel gardener i.e. the British government was practising all kinds of tyranny. The Judge of Trial Court in his Judgment inter-alia remarked’. The Court finds the accused Ladha Ram, guilty on all three counts of three offences punishable under section 124A of the I.P.C. and sentenced him to transportation for ten years for each one of the three offences, a total of 30 years. He was deported to the Andamans. After release Ladha Ram Kapur settled in Delhi along with his wife. He breathed his last on the 5 January 1966 in a colony of New Delhi.